There and back again: Editors’ note


Wanderlust: a longing for travel that many students bear but few can afford. Though taking a trip to a foreign country may seem like a dream, taking part in a global community is definitely not out of reach. Just by stepping foot onto campus, you’ll find yourself in the midst of a rich tapestry of stories from all around the world.
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Bears beyond Berkeley

The Daily Californian asked students who studied abroad this question: “What was your favorite part of the experience of studying abroad?” Check out the responses and photos from abroad below.
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STEM majors branch out overseas

For students in science, technology, engineering and math fields, studying abroad while working toward a rigorous major might be a daunting task. But according to six UC Berkeley STEM majors who shared their study abroad experiences, making the experience worthwhile just comes down to careful planning.
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Frances Fitzgerald_online

From Paris, with love

He was studying abroad from France at UC Berkeley, and I was a freshman, meaning we were equally new and lost on campus. He asked for my number so that he could “borrow my textbook,” and it started off the way any relationship does.
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Through the London fog

I’m living in England as part of an entirely new freshman study abroad program called Global Edge, which presents a group of 57 newly admitted freshmen with the opportunity to spend their first semester as UC Berkeley students in the United Kingdom, thousands of miles away from the Berkeley campus.
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Study Abroad Data EDITED2

Sizing up study abroad programs across campuses

From the high art and culture of Paris to the bustling streets of Beijing, a well-chosen study abroad program at any university will have much to offer its students. Well-balanced study abroad programs should both satisfy a student’s wanderlust in vastly different continents and cater to the financial and academic needs of each individual student.
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