My quaint, crumbling apartment

I was used to vacuumed floors, blinds that were intact and a beautiful view of the bridge. This was Unit 1, Deustch Hall, room 313. Little did I know, those were all luxuries I’d come to miss. Toward the end of last year, my roommates and I were scrambling on
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Still searching for a home

When people first meet each other, this is usually one of the first questions: “Where are you from?” Well … define from. I’m Vietnamese by blood, but I was born and raised for 16 years in Warsaw, Poland. I have also lived and studied in the United States for the
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A visual vacation

As many embark homeward for the warmer months of the year, students and residents alike can experience the respite of summer through immersion into a visual vacation provided by local comic book stores, museums and video stores. The ebb and flow of students and the city’s summer tourist population affects
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Summer startups: Back to the Roots

It’s heard all the time: The Bay Area is bursting at the seams with start-ups. Investing in a tiny, short-lived company trying to make ends meet in a shared warehouse office space isn’t for everyone. While the start-up life may not be glamorous by conventional standards (it has yet to
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