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At Cal, our gears are always turning, our hard drives are always spinning and our vinyls are always rotating. Someone, somewhere is thinking of something crazy and doing something monumental — albeit surely controversial. But every great idea was once blasphemy. From the way we engage with social media, to
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Simons Institute takes wide-angle approach to computer science

Climbing the staircase in Calvin Lab, home of the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing, feels like ascending into computer science heaven. Light streams from the gaping skylights, and groups of researchers stand scattered throughout the building’s wide-open spaces. Built in 1963, the lab’s renovation was completed in August,
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UC Berkeley professor fosters student innovation

The penthouse of the Chase building in Downtown Berkeley offers a glimmering panorama of the Bay Area. This view, in UC Berkeley adjunct professor Bernt Wahl’s eyes, is a testament to Berkeley’s contribution to technological innovation. To the west is San Francisco and Silicon Valley, where many of Wahl’s friends
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When the book met the computer

At first, the disciplines of computer science and the humanities seem unlikely bedfellows. But for UC Berkeley graduate student Christopher Church, marrying the two is not only feasible, but timely — and needed. The marriage of technology and the liberal arts is often referred to as the digital humanities, a
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Computer Science: an ever-evolving discipline

In the 1960s, computer science students didn’t program behind a computer screen. Instead, they wrote their programs on paper and then sent them to be processed by a computer. As a result, said electrical engineering and computer science professor emeritus William Kahan, a single mistake could cost students hours —
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Google Glass review: I was a glasshole for a day

And yes, they made me look like a massive douchebag

It was a few hours into wearing Google Glass that I tried to convince myself they don’t really stick out and might actually be something useful. “They may look ridiculous, but at least they’re not like wearing a dunce cap around campus,” I thought. “They even make some things easier,
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Web tool created by UC Berkeley alumnus takes off

When UC Berkeley alumnus Nikita Bier woke up to an avalanche of emails and missed calls from reporters, it became clear to him that his life was about to change. It was August 2012, right before the presidential election, and Bier had just launched Politify, a Web tool that allows
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