Profiter de la vie: Coming back from a semester abroad

I was warned about culture shock when I left California to study in Bordeaux, France, for the fall semester. I was told I might feel disoriented and confused in my new European environment. When my program ended, I was reminded that I might experience reverse culture shock. But spending time with my family over winter break and seeing my friends for the first time in months, I felt at home, and I was convinced that I had escaped the anticipated reverse culture shock. I was wrong.
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What students need to know about reporting sexual violence, assault

Sexual violence and sexual assault is a pervasive problem on university campuses nationwide, and it’s an unfortunate reality that in the United States, one in five women and one in 16 men are sexually assaulted while in college. Sexual violence and assault have no place at UC Berkeley, where our most important values include treating one another with respect, support, honesty and integrity. We owe it to each other to ensure our practices and policies live up to our principles.
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