Former Cal QB Gilliam receives release


Another one bites the dust for Cal athletics as rising sophomore quarterback Max Gilliam has announced he has received an unconditional release and will be eligible to transfer from Cal. Gilliam, a redshirt freshman in the 2016-17 season, did see time on the field before declaring to leave the program.
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Updates on Robert Paylor’s condition

Approximately two-and-a-half weeks after sophomore Robert Paylor’s on-field injury during the first half of the Rugby 15s championship, a press conference was hosted at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center regarding Paylor’s condition. Speaking at the press conference were Robert Paylor’s father, Jeff Paylor, head coach Jack Clark and chief
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Fickle pickles and fickler prospects

All Falls Down

Summer is the time for projects. The lack of overbearing schoolwork and beautiful absolution of academic deadlines leaves one wanting for a new and passionate pursuit — one that, perhaps, won’t be given a letter grade, or require agonization the night before. The sun’s out and looking gorgeous, the fruit
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Webb unlikely to play in 2017-18 season

Even Davis Webb’s supporters weren’t generally willing to say that he was ready to step right into the NFL as a starter; he’s too raw and too inaccurate, regardless of how big his arm is. Despite how disappointing it may have been to Webb himself, falling to the New York
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Cal baseball faces No. 15 Arizona in last series of season

College baseball is a marathon — a 54-game gauntlet that, with consistency and persistence, will lead a worthy team into a postseason berth. Unfortunately for the Cal baseball team (23-28), a playoff run doesn’t seem likely to happen for the second straight season. While a poor second half was the
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Kailua Kona, HI - October 24, 2016: The Colorado Buffaloes compete at the PAC 12 Preview at Nanea Golf Club.

Cal women’s golf places 14th at NCAA Championships

Before the Cal women’s golf team began its bid at a national championship, there was an overwhelming feeling that the deck was stacked against the Bears for factors that were beyond their control, or the control of any other school for that matter. Cal, of course, is a team rooted
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