Training Day: Cal unveils the Simpson Student-Athlete High Performance Center

Even those tree-sitters have to be pretty impressed. In just four short years, the Cal football team went from using some of the worst facilities in all of college football to arguably some of the best. Throughout his first 10 years as head coach, Jeff Tedford often expressed the difficulty of trying to get recruits excited about his program while taking them on tours of locker rooms and training facilities that wouldn’t even pass for halfway decent high school gym.
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Derek Remsburg/Senior Staff

Home improvement: The return of Memorial Stadium

Memorial Stadium is more than a football field — it's a capsule of Cal's legacy.

From December 1922 to November 1923, a coliseum was constructed at the foot of the Berkeley hills dedicated to the fallen California comrades of the Great War. On Sept. 1, 2012, a cannon will sound from Strawberry Canyon, marking a new chapter in the rich history of California sports. Memorial Stadium is back.
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Defensive End Chris McCain celebrates after a tackle in the November 5, 2011 game against Washington State in San Francisco.

Nevada pistol to fire shots at host Bears

After a year spent at temporary home AT&T Park, the Cal football team will assuredly be fired up for its return to Memorial Stadium this Saturday at noon. Head coach Jeff Tedford, however, is quick to remark that the new facilities won’t win football games. “What’s going on between the
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This season, there is but to do or die

This is it for Jeff Tedford. In his 11th year as the head coach of the Cal football team, Tedford has one more chance to prove he’s the right coach to keep his team headed in the right direction. Regardless of what bloggers and cynics have wanted you to believe, Tedford has never been on the hot seat.
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Cal vs. USC Football

Pacing the Pac-12

The Bears have plenty of offensive weapons for 2012, as a receiving corp including Keenan Allen to go along with a proven backfield of seniors Isi Sofele and C.J. Anderson will give quarterback Zach Maynard a plethora of options. But the key to the Bears’ seasons lies upfront along the offensive line. If seniors Brian Schwenke and Matt Summers-Gavin can overcome the complete inexperience of the three other starters, a nine-win season isn’t out of the question. But if the Bears struggle up front as they did for most of 2011 —giving up 28 sacks — Cal fans could be in for a long year.
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Making the Grade: Offense

There’s a column already on the Daily Cal website talking about Maynard’s potential, and surely there will be many more on the way. Bottom line, however, is that Maynard looks like he’s taken a significant step forward in his development in the offseason.
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Mark your man: Special teams

Special teams, returning: Keenan Allen could do a lot of damage as the projected full-time punt returner — that is, if the opposing teams decide to kick the ball to him. Like DeSean Jackson and Jahvid Best before him, Allen has the potential to be a game-changer on special teams.
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Mark your man: Defense

With the 2012 season opener fast approaching, Cal's football team gets schooled.

The Cal secondary had an inconsistent 2011 campaign and looks poised to show more of the same in 2012. The Bears had the 37th ranked pass defense in the nation last season, but their secondary was exposed and eviscerated numerous times, often by mediocre quarterbacks and offenses.
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Consider the hobo

Read the comments at the bottom of any Daily Cal article about football, and you’ll likely see some variation of the following comments: “Tedford sucks!!!!!!!” “Fire Tedford!!!!!” The general consensus seems to be that Bears fans believe head coach Jeff Tedford has worn out his welcome, not unlike a hobo
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