Already a must-win game

With the Cal football game against Hawaii set to open the college football season, it seems weird to already use phrases such as “must-win game.” But that is just what the Bears are faced with Friday against the Rainbow Warriors. According to ESPN, Cal has the fifth-hardest schedule in the
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Passing the torch

The narrative surrounding Cal football has been remarkably consistent for the last three seasons. The talking heads have recycled the same few bullet points since 2013: poor defense, Jared Goff, even worse defense. Now, No. 1 overall pick Goff is the franchise hope of the newly minted Los Angeles Rams
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Jared Goff delivers mixed results in Rams debut

With Cal-affiliated athletes kicking butt and taking names in the Olympics, it was almost easy to forget that this month marks the NFL debut for Jared Goff, who played his first preseason game for the Los Angeles Rams on Saturday against the Dallas Cowboys. The matchup was also the first
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2016 Cal football preview: games 10-12

Let’s take a peek at Cal football team’s final three-games slate to wrap up the 2016 season — a stretch that will quite possibly be the toughest stretch the team will face all season. Game 10: Washington State Cougars 2015 record: 9-4 (6-3 Pac-12) Easily the most improved team in
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Takeaways from Cal football’s 1st training camp

Music blasted, people sweat, whistles blared and position groups were littered across different parts of the field — day one of the Cal football team’s training camp certainly overstimulated the senses. With so much going on, we’ll break down day one of fall camp into its main takeaways and points
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2016 Cal football preview: games 5-8

Continuing on from Monday, let’s take a look at Games 5 through 8 on Cal football’s 2016 schedule. Game 5: at Oregon State Beavers 2015 record: 2-10 (0-9 Pac-12) Plagued by awful quarterback play following the departure of one of the best in Beavers’ history in Sean Mannion, OSU was
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