Cal men’s soccer to meet winless Santa Clara

Callender was named Pac-12 Player of the Week following a nine-save performance at Portland two weeks ago, and he followed it up with nine more during a weekend double header (three against Yale and six against USF). The nine saves at Portland were not only a career high for Callender, but they also included one that kept Cal alive in the 90th minute of play and sent the game into overtime.
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Cal men’s soccer beats Yale, USF

The Bears went undefeated this weekend as it faced off against one team from across the country and one team from across the bay: Yale and USF. The two games differed tremendously in pace and level of play but both produced the same outcome for the Cal men’s soccer team.
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Cal men’s soccer to meet offensive-minded Portland

As Cal men’s soccer prepares for a weekend matchup with Portland, it’s hard to ignore the Pilots’ aggregate 15 goals in comparison with the Bears’ lone score. But those numbers, while intimidating, do not tell the whole story of Cal’s 2017 season thus far. It is a story with the
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Cal men’s soccer opens regular season play against West Virginia

There’s something undeniably refreshing about the first week of a new school year. For continuing students, it’s a clean slate which provides separation from all previous semesters. For freshmen, it’s the beginning of a whole new chapter, ripe with untapped opportunity and potential. Not only will the student-athletes of Cal
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