Cal volleyball set for solid competition at Arizona, Arizona State

The Grand Canyon runs nearly 300 miles through the heart of the northern Arizona redlands. The mile-deep, steep-cliff crevasse was formed by roughly 17 million years of aquatic erosion, and thanks to conservationists like Teddy Roosevelt, today it remains well-preserved and maintains, its awe-inspiring beauty. The area was believed to
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If Tomorrow Never Comes

Life rolls one day at a time for Alyssa Jensen

In Alyssa Jensen’s house in St. Louis, there are several trees — but there’s one in particular that catches your eye, located in the main hearth room. It’s adorned with fluorescent purple lights and is decorated with pieces of torn-up T-shirts. The tree was brought into the house the year
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Cal volleyball swept by UCLA, USC

After playing below its potential last weekend, the Cal volleyball team hoped to bounce back this week in its slate of matches at home. But against a pair of formidable teams in No. 9 UCLA and USC, a team that’s unranked but finished 28th in voting, this would be easier said than done.
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Cal volleyball prepares for matches against USC, UCLA

For a Cal volleyball team that continues to sputter through a 9-15 season and has now lost five of its past six matches, the long-term future — one that includes a strong summer of work, new recruits and fresh blood entering the program — can’t come soon enough.
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Cal volleyball struggles against Utah, Colorado

It’s early November, and with less than three weeks left in the season, the Cal volleyball team is a near certainty not to make the NCAA tournament. This weekend put the nail in the coffin. The Bears lost to both Utah and Colorado on the road in straight sets to
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Cal volleyball loses to UCLA, USC

Coming off two straight weekends in which it pulled off an upset against a higher-ranked opponent, Cal volleyball couldn’t keep its streak alive on its road trip this weekend. The Bears traveled to southern California to compete against two ranked teams in No. 25 USC and No. 15 UCLA but
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