Players to watch: Brendan Bigelow, Chris Coyle

Brendan Bigelow, Cal running back Brendan Bigelow is going to touch the ball against Arizona State, it’s just a question of how many times. The sophomore had an electrifying performance against Ohio State (two touchdowns and 160 yards on four rushes). Bigelow was supposed to be the future, but he
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Game analysis: Should Cal have gone for it on 4th and 1?

D'Amato had already missed two field goals before fourth quarter 42-yard try

Tedford lets the clock wind down to 4:25. He calls a timeout and out trots D’Amato. “At that point in the game, you’re there to go ahead,” Tedford said. “When it’s 28-28 on the scoreboard and there are four minutes left to play, we are going to go for (the field goal). We wanted to put some points on the board.”
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Zach Maynard drives an invisible car — ahem, drives his team to a 50-31 win.

Maynard Mondays Week 2: More Maynard mediocrity

So here’s the deal: Zach Maynard is not a terrible quarterback. He is certainly not a Joe Ayoob or Nate Longshore, and for that the Cal faithful won’t call for his head. However, he’s never going to be Aaron Rodgers. Hate to break it to you, Zach. But all dreams
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Players to watch: Isi Sofele, Henna Brown

Isi Sofele, Cal running back A 1,300-yard rusher the season before and a presumed competitor for the best back in the conference, Isi Sofele failed to make a dent on last Saturday’s game against Nevada. Sofele only secured five carries all game, as the Cal offense was playing catch-up from
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Senior quarterback Zach Maynard was disappointed after the game, but he kept his head — and hair — held high.

Maynard Mondays: Week 1

There’s been a lot of talk about Zach Maynard’s first quarter suspension in Saturday’s 31-24 season-opening loss to Nevada. Why the first quarter and not the rest of the game? Why not give other players more notice? Why suspend him at all? We don’t know everything that went into head coach Jeff Tedford’s decision to sit Maynard. Here’s what we do know.
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More improvements of Memorial Stadium’s renovation

Berkeley-based Meyer Sound “invented” a sound system specifically for the stadium. Before, poles protruded from the field, throwing sound back to the spectators as well as the surrounding community. But Meyer designed a custom sound system, which is located at the back of the bowl and projects sound in.
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The Bears and the Huskies will face off on Nov. 2 at Memorial Stadium. The game will mark the first time that Sarkisian and Lupoi set foot on Cal turf since their departures.

Steve Sarkisian and Tosh Lupoi want you to hate them even more

Apparently Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian loves making people angry. At a recent pep rally, Sarkisian forgot to follow the “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” rule, making plenty of disparaging remarks about Berkeley. You can download and listen to the audio here.
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