Turn my swag on (at the Holiday Bowl)

A Best Buy gift card, Tourneau watch, hooded sweatshirt and FlexFit cap — the Holiday Bowl’s Christmas gift to the Cal football team. Before stepping on the field, the players will already win small, expensive victories. Watches and shopping sprees are the among the most common products pushed in the
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Football vs Colorado State University 9/10/11

Why Cal will beat Oregon State

And why you can thank Wednesday's protesters for the victory

It all makes sense now. I finally figured out why Cal linebacker Chris McCain, visibly and vocally present at Wednesday night’s protest, was so passionate. Sure, maybe it had a little to do with trigger cuts or the whole 99 percent thing. But maybe it was about something more, something
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Rainy Day Men #15 & 16

All week long following the Cal football team’s Oct. 29 loss to UCLA, quarterback Zach Maynard was questioned about his play — and his starting position. The junior transfer threw four picks, and head coach Jeff Tedford famously said he would look at the tape to decide who would start
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My bad

Pendergast spills the beans on Kendrick's surgery

The Cal players and coaches didn’t seem to be on the same page in the UCLA’s 31-14 pistol-whipping of the Bears on Saturday. Apparently the coaches weren’t on the same page with each other either.

Postgame Extras

The Cal football team obliterated Utah on Saturday afternoon. Jeff Tedford said the win was “desperately” needed and then backtracked when reminded that he called the win “desperate.” The Bears benefitted from the eye-gougingly bad play of Utah backup quarterback Jon Hays, but the defense turned in a dominating performance,
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Isi does it

Extras from Isi Sofele interview

On having seven siblings “I lost track. Too many of us. I don’t know how my parents did it. My mom is a strong woman. My dad just raised us all being athletes, trained us since we were younger.”

Bears had HOW many turnovers? #sad #typiCAL

So Thursday night, on ESPN, the Cal football team lost to the USC football team. This is not an unusual occurrence, seeing as how the USC football team has now come out victorious in such instances an astounding eight years in a row. That’s two full presidential terms, or the
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The odyssey of Cal’s loss to the Trojans

Instead of writing this story as an epic poem in dactylic hexameter, I decided to do another play-by-play of some of the key points in Cal’s loss to USC. All times are best estimates.