14 safeties, 11 cornerbacks fight to move up food chain

Cal football has a total of 25 safeties and cornerbacks listed on its 2017 depth chart, including 16 players who are listed as interchangeable, but only two safeties and two cornerbacks will own starting spots come September. Get your popcorn ready, because with a hefty load of talent at these positions, players will have to battle it out to earn first string.
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Punter, long snapper, offensive lineman join Bears

Juniors Steven Coutts, punter, and Alonso Vera, long snapper, along with redshirt freshman Valentino Daltoso, an offensive lineman, have signed with the Cal football program. Coutts and Vera are eligible to play immediately, and Daltoso’s status for 2017 remains up in the air.
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What it means to be the Bay’s team

Being the “Bay’s” meant that even though the team plays in Oakland, the Warriors represented so much more than just the city they play in. However, as the team’s success grew, the connection to Oakland began to dwindle.
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Outlining Cal football’s 2017 linebacker lineup

Cal’s rushing defense was significantly weaker than its passing defense in the 2016 season. If the change to a 3–4 strategy and the addition of a backer can slow the game on the ground, the Bears’ defense could see large improvement. Head coach Justin Wilcox was the defensive coordinator and inside linebacker coach at Wisconsin last season. With a defensive-minded head coach, Cal football may see a change in the much maligned other side of the ball.
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This column is from 2028

Although I personally didn’t win Finals MVP this year — my son, LeBron James Jr., kept the award in the family — I can’t help but feel that my presence on this team over the past decade has been great for basketball. Unchallengeable hegemony in competition is what’s best for us all, right?
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