Tayler Davis Feature

Break point

Tayler Davis passed up a chance at a payday playing professional tennis. She hasn’t looked back since.

Tayler Davis’ serve is an act in two parts: anticipation and violence. She bounces the ball four times against the ground, and tosses it skyward. The ball is still. In moments, it will be smashed and forever lost amidst a cacophony of groundstrokes and volleys. Her body hesitates, coils and
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Mens Tennis 3-16-10

Cueto, McLachlan bring glory to Cal

Everyone loves to hear a good Cinderella story. You know that one about the underrated team that triumphs in the face of uncertainty? We hear it all the time. We are inspired by the underdogs of the world — the Seabiscuits and the Spartans. However, the tale of the Cal
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Cal ties for fourth at Isleworth Invitational

The Cal men’s golf team has been anticipating the Isleworth Collegiate Invitational all season. It was to be the squad’s most competitive tournament of the fall, the pinnacle of the last few months. And while the Bears anticipated the first-rate competition, the result was a fitting end to a fall
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GBaum’s World: The bizarre world of Balotelli

Moments after tucking a sublime right-footed finish into the bottom corner against heralded cross-town powerhouse Manchester United, Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli stoically turned around and lifted his jersey to uncover an undershirt reading “Why Always Me?” to the hostile United faithful. Why always you, Mario? For if only we
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Cal and Utah are in a mad scramble to stay relevant in the middle of the Pac-12.

Pac-12 Power Rankings: Week 8

No. 1: Stanford (7-0, 5-0) Oklahoma and Wisconsin both fell from the lofty perch of the undefeated, which meant the Cardinal’s BCS Championship hopes suddenly got much, much better. Stanford has talent everywhere on the offense, which could be enough for quarterback Andrew Luck to run through the rest of
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soccer feature

Saves of the giant Peach

Backup goalie Kevin Peach excelled in three starts. Then he was inexplicably back on the bench.

Kevin Peach was on top of the world. After receiving a spot start in relief of goalkeeper Robbie Gogatz, the redshirt freshman stepped up and shut out a talented Vermont squad, 3-0, with 10 saves in the Sept. 23 contest. His future seemed as bright as any up and coming
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Cal unable to reach ITA tourney finale

The Cal’s women tennis team seemed to have worked out many glitches in the ITA Northwest Regional Championships in Stanford, Calif. but could not break through to any championships. Top overall singles seed of Jana Juricova showed flashes of her usual brilliance but missed on more than a few opportunities.
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