The power of Cleveland


The first time my dad took me to a Cleveland Browns football game, I clambered onto his lap in my three layers of clothes, placed my double-gloved hands onto his cheeks and looked him straight in the eyes as I implored, “Daddy. When are we leaving?” Our timely exit after
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They might not be Giants

The Giants are coming off a 13-4 run that has seemed to wrap up the National League West even before All-Star Weekend. With Colorado fighting to get to .500 and the Diamondbacks and Padres continuing to embarrass themselves, the Dodgers were the Giants’ only competition for the division title this
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Austin Issacsohn_Online

Fly safe, sweet angel

Quick story about Skip Bayless: I was watching his old segment, “1st & Ten,” when they hosted All-NBA center Dwight Howard. Dwight looked ripped, as usual (and was just coming off a disappointing season, as usual). They shot the you-know-what for a bit, until the gigantic man finally declared: “I
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Goodbye and good riddance

Sometimes, it’s hardest saying goodbye to those you like least. Skip Bayless’ much-maligned career as a hot take artiste for ESPN has come to an end, fittingly days after LeBron James won his third title. Bayless will be joining Fox Sports 1, ESPN’s main competitor, after his run at “First
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Jaylen Brown’s case to be picked 2nd

The NBA Draft takes place Thursday, and with multiple media outlets reporting that the Philadelphia 76ers have already promised Ben Simmons they will choose him first overall, attention slides, as it so often does, to the Los Angeles Lakers. After a 17-65 season and Kobe Bryant’s retirement, the Lakers find
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El Santa Clarazo

Beer cups poured onto the pitch, as the heavily pro-Mexico spectators booed and jeered at the action in Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium. The fact that Mexico lost, 7-0, against Chile was insufferable. El Tri’s faithful couldn’t believe that La Roja put on a goal scoring clinic, considering that Mexico went
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For queen and country

June 21, 2002: I was a 7-year-old kid then, watching the quarterfinal between England and Brazil at the FIFA World Cup. The Three Lions had gone up thanks to a Michael Owen goal but the Brazilians equalized through Rivaldo. England had been dominating the match, and then it happened. I
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My change of allegiance

It’s hard to picture LeBron James as an underdog. Packing 250 pounds of pure muscle into a 6-foot-8 frame, it’s a mental struggle to parcel him into the same category as Oliver Twist or Daniel LaRusso (also known as the Karate Kid, for those who don’t know his actual name).
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Tone Lee_Online

Heart of a Warrior

“MVP. MVP. MVP.” Deafening chants shake Oracle Arena as Steph Curry, chewing on his mouth guard, walks up to the free throw line. This season, the Warriors — lead by their unanimous MVP — have earned their place among the NBA’s Pantheon. However, their rise to prominence has been comprised
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In Beane we trust

In 2003, “Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game” followed Oakland Athletics general manager (and now executive vice president) Billy Beane, as his new-wave analytical thinking took the MLB by storm. Under Beane, Oakland won 103 games — 20 of them in a row — while maintaining one of
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