San Diego vice


The Chargers have a favor to ask. This coming election cycle, the team plans to propose a bill that will raise taxes in San Diego. It will likely be a 4 percent increase in hotel taxes and will require two-thirds of San Diegans to approve it to be passed. The
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These are my confessions

When I was in third grade, a group of boys in my class were discussing football. “Patriots” was thrown around a lot, especially because they had won the Super Bowl the season prior and were about to win another. I also heard “Colts” — almost always coupled with “Peyton Manning”
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Even-year magic?

It’s a great time to be a sports fan in the Bay Area. All the teams are doing well — oh wait. The Oakland Athletics and San Francisco 49ers were atrocious last year, and last year’s 7-9 record for the Oakland Raiders was a game shy of their best in
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All in the family

From sex parties to “swagcopters,” recruiting in major college athletics is weird, to say the absolute least. But the preponderance of another trend has reared its ugly head again most recently — programs luring big-name recruits by bringing on their family members as assistant coaches. Last week, Washington hired Michael
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My Raider Nation

I’ve been a Raiders fan my whole life. I was raised in East Oakland, about 15 minutes from the Coliseum. I was lucky enough to watch the Raiders play their best football since returning to Oakland in 1995. Rich Gannon. Charles Woodson. Tim Brown. Napoleon Kaufman. The early 2000s Raiders
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Austin Issacsohn_online

The Dotted Line

My friend Andy’s mom graduated as the valedictorian at UCLA, then spring boarded herself into medical school at UCSF. A driven student, she spent nearly a decade learning a trade that allowed her to help her fellow humans. She graduated nearly $300,000 in debt. Hold on, the sad part hasn’t even happened
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When ‘Moneyball’ goes bust

“What begins as a failure of imagination ends as a market inefficiency.” These words from the seminal sports book of a generation, Michael Lewis’ “Moneyball,” best describe what transformed Oakland A’s front-office guru Billy Beane into a cult icon and nerd hero. Here was someone bringing a true analytic style
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Lucy Schaefer_online

Cubs No More

The Chicago Cubs have always been an integral part of my life. I went to my first game when I was three weeks old, according to my mom (not that I remember). In middle school, I was at Wrigley Field, dressed in a floppy sequined hat for ‘70s night, when
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How Steph became a villain

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment when Steph Curry’s propensity for pre-emptive three-point celebrations went from something that made me chuckle to something that made my skin crawl with anger. Maybe it was when he led his team with 27 points as they decimated my beloved Bulls in late November.
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Worse than the truth itself

Two days before my 16th birthday, a girl from West Virginia just barely older than I woke up with no memory of how she got there. She was in a room in an unfamiliar house in Steubenville, Ohio, the town across the river from her home. Witnesses, through social media
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