Beware the youth


The Warriors have added highly skilled veterans who can play within Golden State’s golden democracy of unselfish basketball, but the franchise has remained adamant in building another core through the draft despite the considerably lower selections.
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Siva Sambasivam_Online

The beautiful game

While the NBA seems to value parity and league-wide equality more than other professional sports leagues, every so often the best players in the game team up, forming powerful “super teams.” If you look back at such teams — the Bulls of the ‘90s and the Showtime Lakers of the
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Me, my dad and Pat

Two weeks ago, I received a very classic email from my dad, complete with a short, concise subject heading — although not the usual, intimidating “Fyi.” —  and an article link. Unlike most of his weekly “recommended reading” emails that saturate my inbox, however, this one contained more than just
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Austin Issacsohn_Online

Ripples of the curse

As he swung back and forth upside-down, hundreds of feet off the ground, the Joker howled with laughter. The face-painted killer had nearly out-crazied Batman, but finally in a moment of weakness, he still spoke with that unnerving confidence and offered some of the most sage wisdom a psychopathic clown
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Fickle fandom

More than two weeks removed from the Golden State Warriors’ absurd defeat in the NBA Finals, when they were manhandled for three straight games by the Cleveland Cavaliers, it feels like the time for mourning is over, and the time to reminisce and more objectively reflect is upon us. So,
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The power of Cleveland

The first time my dad took me to a Cleveland Browns football game, I clambered onto his lap in my three layers of clothes, placed my double-gloved hands onto his cheeks and looked him straight in the eyes as I implored, “Daddy. When are we leaving?” Our timely exit after
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Jaylen Brown’s case to be picked 2nd

The NBA Draft takes place Thursday, and with multiple media outlets reporting that the Philadelphia 76ers have already promised Ben Simmons they will choose him first overall, attention slides, as it so often does, to the Los Angeles Lakers. After a 17-65 season and Kobe Bryant’s retirement, the Lakers find
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My change of allegiance

It’s hard to picture LeBron James as an underdog. Packing 250 pounds of pure muscle into a 6-foot-8 frame, it’s a mental struggle to parcel him into the same category as Oliver Twist or Daniel LaRusso (also known as the Karate Kid, for those who don’t know his actual name).
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Tone Lee_Online

Heart of a Warrior

“MVP. MVP. MVP.” Deafening chants shake Oracle Arena as Steph Curry, chewing on his mouth guard, walks up to the free throw line. This season, the Warriors — lead by their unanimous MVP — have earned their place among the NBA’s Pantheon. However, their rise to prominence has been comprised
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Standing by the King

Cheers rise from Pappy’s, as drunken fans celebrate another Warriors bucket during the second game of the NBA Finals. Five seconds later on the game stream I’m watching just a block away, Steph Curry drains another three. And I seethe. Not just because no matter how legal the stream, lag
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