The Lombardo Trophy: When beer and fun meet competition

In the summer of 1933, world-famous physicist Wolfgang Pauli summoned postdoctoral student Felix Bloch to his Zurich office. What are your plans, Felix? he asked, presumably with the grandfatherly air of a concerned mentor. Well, said Bloch, I received a letter from this place named Stanford University. It’s in California.
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Annie-thing Goes: The Bear can’t quit now

Seven games down, five to go. It’s time for a midseason review, Cal Bears. Based on record alone, the football team deserves a failing grade. A 3-4 overall stat line — and a 2-2 record in the conference — flat lines with no hope for revitalization. But as any seasoned
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Press Room Banter: Locked out of a passion

As a native Angeleno, transitioning to the Bay Area has had its ups and downs. People often ask me what I miss most about home, and while my family is always my first answer, my second is a puzzling one for them: the Los Angeles Kings. My father instilled in
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Annie-thing Goes: The din heard ’round the city

Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions here, but I think I’m at least partly responsible for Cal football’s upset of UCLA on Saturday night. And maybe this is my flawless 20/20 hindsight coming into play, but I really can’t believe I wasn’t at Memorial Stadium to witness that turnaround. Because here’s
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The Lombardo Trophy: Viewing history differently

Given Stanford’s obvious standing in the intellectual community, I sometimes go to the Stanford Daily’s sports page for an intersection of the academy and athletics. I was thrilled to find last week an article that fit the bill: “Replacement refs? Yes, please.”
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