In defense of LaVar

I am usually a very calm and reasonable person. I keep my head down when others choose to engage in childish mudslinging. But I cannot let Goethals’ comments, which are an affront to the grand American Dream and the diligence of hard working people everywhere, slide.
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Alaina Getzenburg_online

Measuring Success

The Victory Lap

An underdog story can never be told too many times. Someone getting an opportunity that seemed improbable is the oft-told tale that never gets old. Athletes seem to be the perfect examples for these stories to be told. We’ve all heard about the “Cinderella-like” student-athletes being “saved” or given a
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AndrewWild copy

Now I’m a believer

Maybe I’m too easily swayed. If at any point during Cal football’s 5-7 slog of a season you told me that I’d be arguing in favor of Davis Webb’s NFL potential, I would have told you it’s unbecoming for an athlete’s parent to contact writers. Should some cocky quotes from
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