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An Ode to Losing

It’s a sad reality of life: If someone is winning, someone else must consequently be losing. With all joy comes heartbreak — it’s something we all know. The NCAA Tournament just brings it into sharp relief.
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A pitch for decency: the flaw in letting Luke Heimlich pitch

The original Heimlich maneuver, named after American surgeon Henry Heimlich, refers to the life-saving actions applied to an individual when a foreign object blocks the flow of air to the lungs. Today’s Heimlich maneuver, named after Oregon State University’s pitcher Luke Heimlich, refers to the career-saving actions by complicit individuals
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The Hunger for Madness

Vik-Tory Lap

I genuinely believe that building a bracket and betting on it is arguably the worst thing for basketball, because the financial incentive takes the humanity out of sports.
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