Cal men’s golf faces uphill battle

To say the Cal men’s golf team had a great 2012-13 season is a drastic understatement. The team had a phenomenal season — one for the record books. But with high hopes of reproducing that same success came an even greater disappointment, as the Bears are playing relatively mediocre midway
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Daunting course awaits Cal men’s golf

Winning at the Isleworth Invitational makes a statement that can be heard all around the collegiate golf world. It shows that a team is one of the top squads in the country and a contender for a national championship. If you can win at Isleworth, you can win anywhere. The
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Power Rankings: No. 1 men’s golf

In any other year, Cal rugby would have taken the spot as the best Cal sport. It’s hard to argue with a track record that includes 26 championships since 1980. But not this year. The Cal men’s golf team had one of the greatest seasons of all time. In any
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