Cal rugby prepares for 7s play

Just 26 days ago, the Cal rugby team upset BYU — the  No. 1 team in the nation — to lift the national championship trophy for the first time in four years. As the Bears cheered and hugged and cried on the field in Provo, Utah, they celebrated the culmination
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Cal rugby rises to occasion during championship season

If you had simply glanced at the Cal rugby team’s final box score of the season — a double digit win over BYU in the Varsity Cup National Championship game — you’d think it was a return of the Jack Clark rugby seasons of old: the Bears coasting through the
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Cal rugby wins national championship over BYU, 40-29

The BYU Cougars huddled just before kick-off of the Varsity Cup National Championship game. They turned and looked across the field at the underdog Cal rugby team. They performed their Haka dance — bulging their eyes, brandishing twisted tongues and screaming with the confidence of a team that has won
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Cal rugby to battle BYU for national championship

Routine is easy. Routine is predictable and not mentally straining. Routine makes life a lot less stressful, especially for a college undergraduate who’s looking ahead at looming finals, graduation and the life beyond. For years now, the Cal rugby team (19-2) has followed the same annual routine: Dominate the regular
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My Way Home: Eakalafi Okusi paves his own road to, through and from Cal

The island of Tonga sits quietly on the Pacific Ocean, somewhere between Hawaii and Tasmania. It’s nestled among other small archipelagos, yet maintains its own distinct character among the many other ocean-bound isles it calls neighbors. Today, it remains predominantly a land of tradition, slowly and cautiously exploring the merits
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Cal rugby set to take on Central Washington

Two years ago, Cal rugby found itself at home in the semifinals of the Penn Mutual Varsity Cup Rugby Championship, needing a win over Central Washington to move into the finals against rival BYU. The Wildcats looked like boys playing against men in a 58-14 loss to Cal. The Bears
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