UC Berkeley alternative facts

Let’s spin together — there’s nothing better than the alternative truth! 1. “Oski Bear is terrifying (to the point where looking at him chills you to your very core) on purpose: to fend off our opponents.” Oski is an example of someone who’s done an amazing job at being scary
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The Daily Californian chats with Alice Waters of Chez Panisse

Alice Waters is credited with being at the forefront of crafting what we call Californian Cuisine, by starting the iconic restaurant Chez Panisse as well as a food revolution advocating organic and locally-sourced ingredients that still defines much of Bay Area food culture today.   Cinematography by: Ashley-Grace Vo Edited
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As rain pours, will these story lines leak?

As rainy season begins to kick in, it’s not just the roofs of our student-budget apartments that are leaking. With the recent releases of Donald Trump’s “locker room talk” tape and Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs transcripts, the hackers of the world have been busy lately. But why stop at politics? There
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Acting BPD Chief Andrew Greenwood chats with locals at Mo’Joe Cafe

Berkeley residents interacted with acting Berkeley Police Department Chief Andrew Greenwood at Mo’Joe Cafe on National Coffee with a Cop Day. Video by Manny Flores Interview assistance by Aleah Jennings-Newhouse Contact us: [email protected]

Bicycle lanes only result in greater confusion

Dave Campbell’s deceptive op-ed “City must unite to support bicycle-friendly street design” Sept. 16 calls for correction. Berkeley cyclists have an opportunity not to just dutifully cheerlead poor proposals but instead insist on truly world-class bike facilities. Most of the projects that Campbell confidently declares “are coming” to Berkeley are,
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