Justice Sonia Sotomayor speaks at Zellerbach Hall

Justice Sonia Sotomayor sat down for a conversation with interim Berkeley Law Dean Melissa Murray. Cinematography by Lizzie Kroner Edited by Lizzie Kroner and Dapree Doyle Contact us at [email protected]


UC Berkeley majors as animals

Sssssss. Is that a Haas snake we hear? Probably, considering they’re basically everywhere. The Haas snake is an overrated creature, consistently being the butt of the joke of UC Berkeley via memes on UCBMFET. But what about the other majors here at UC Berkeley?
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Berkeley welcomes coffee shop that hires only refugees.

1951 Coffee Company is a new local nonprofit cafe that hires only refugees. We talked to barista Nazira Bobori and co-founder Doug Hewitt about their experience and goals for the shop. Cinematography by Kiya Eshaghian and Irene Varea Edited by Kiya Eshaghian and Dapree Doyle Contact us: [email protected]