Bicycle lanes only result in greater confusion

Dave Campbell’s deceptive op-ed “City must unite to support bicycle-friendly street design” Sept. 16 calls for correction. Berkeley cyclists have an opportunity not to just dutifully cheerlead poor proposals but instead insist on truly world-class bike facilities. Most of the projects that Campbell confidently declares “are coming” to Berkeley are,
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Tunesday: Crashing waves

Sometimes, the things we try hardest to tuck away in our hearts are the ones that matter the most. Memories — whether good or bad — can come in waves, hitting you when you least expect it. That is OK. As the school year rolls through September, here are a few
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25 thoughts we have living in the city

For some students, Berkeley isn’t that different from their hometowns. For those of us who hail from cow towns and suburbs, however, living in the city is a totally new experience. We at the Clog know that adjusting to a city can be a wild experience, complete with an ever-changing internal monologue about Berkeley. Here are just 25 of the thoughts we have while contemplating city life.
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