Sticks and stones: On the imprecise use of language

The Gray Area

This past week, the Internet was accosted by a slew of presidential announcements: each candidate imploring your early support, each one’s messages just as conveniently vague as the last. But let’s not be too cynical. Words, after all, are said to be our servants, and their ambiguous use in political
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Where to check out the Oscar nominations around campus

The 87th Academy Awards are coming up this Sunday, Feb. 22, and with them come times of feeling socially and culturally irrelevant as your friends talk about their predictions for Best Picture, Leading Lady or even Best Short Film, if your friends are particularly pretentious/culturally aware. Well, fear not. There
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What does it mean to be an individual?

My cohort is allegedly narcissistic and selfish. Recently, LinkedIn found through a survey that 68 percent of millennials would sacrifice a friendship for a promotion. Ouch. I, too, could feign superiority and look down upon my generation, but that would be disingenuous of me. I don’t think our fears and anxieties are unfounded. The cost of living is higher. More than a quarter of a million college graduates last year had minimum wage jobs. Still, I am hesitant to say that the academy has turned students into immoral, irrational players of commercial interest, as Allan Bloom suggests in “The Closing of the American Mind.” If anything, I am rather uncharacteristically optimistic about the broadening of disciplines and diversity in the modern university, which, though imperfect, opens up the potential for collectivity. And I am rather optimistic about what my generation has to offer.
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Changing of the Guard

Editors at The Daily Californian have turned over the reins after battling through one of the most tumultuous academic years in recent memory. There was a racially charged bake sale in September. Then those Occupy Oakland protests rolled out and eventually led to UC Berkeley’s own Occupy Cal activities. Amidst
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