Cal Hacks 4.0

At last weekend’s CalHacks event, more than 2,000 students from 14 universities came to UC Berkeley’s California Memorial Stadium to participate in the annual coding competition. Video By: Edward Hwang, Madhav Soni, and Pransu Dash


2 languages teaching in turn

Like many Taiwanese schoolchildren, my earliest forays into the vast world of Chinese literature began with the recitation of the San Zi Jing (Three-Character Classic) — perhaps best described as catechisms for the budding Confucianist.
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Ryan Groves_online

A ray of hope

On March 27, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and a breaking news headline flashed before my eyes. It was the news that I was dreading and hoping would never come to fruition. The Oakland Raiders officially announced their intent to leave Oakland and relocate to Las Vegas. When
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Getting to know my other half

Recently, my solution has been to write with a split mindset. The first is sporadic, energetic and only cares about spilling anything onto the page, proper grammar or not. The second tries to understand the first, refine its work, and yes, consult a stylebook.
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14 safeties, 11 cornerbacks fight to move up food chain

Cal football has a total of 25 safeties and cornerbacks listed on its 2017 depth chart, including 16 players who are listed as interchangeable, but only two safeties and two cornerbacks will own starting spots come September. Get your popcorn ready, because with a hefty load of talent at these positions, players will have to battle it out to earn first string.
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