25 thoughts we have living in the city

For some students, Berkeley isn’t that different from their hometowns. For those of us who hail from cow towns and suburbs, however, living in the city is a totally new experience. We at the Clog know that adjusting to a city can be a wild experience, complete with an ever-changing internal monologue about Berkeley. Here are just 25 of the thoughts we have while contemplating city life.
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Summer 2016 is here: Berkeley day trips

With less than a week until the first summer session, a lot of us are already thinking about all the things we’re going to do in our free time between classes. We know you’ll be busy, but if you still have the itch to travel during summer school, then we at
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Tunesday: March Madness

Music and basketball go hand in hand, often influencing one another through fashion and sound. And, as last night was the last day of March Madness, it’s only right to dedicate a Tuneday to one of the largest events in America. Despite Cal’s early elimination, we can still celebrate our
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Relics of home: A thought piece

Being home for winter break often feels like taking a trip down memory lane. Your home is a place of comfort — time seems to have frozen the moment you left and retained all of your most precious memories, much like a time capsule. You simply cannot get the same feeling of comfort
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Jamin Kim-Sanders/Staff

A freshman’s reflections on dead week

When I first heard about dead week, I thought it was a joke. I couldn’t believe that there was an entire week dedicated to studying. When I realized that it was real, I was incredibly relieved — having an entire week to do nothing but study would definitely reduce my
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