Places to get a chocolate milkshake

Celebrate Cal Football’s win with a chocolate milkshake! Additionally, you can take solace in the fact that we’re currently expecting a heat wave. So you better head over to one of these establishments and get a refreshing drink. CREAM CREAM sells things besides ice cream sandwiches? Yes. Enough said. Saturn
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Apartment cooking 101: your kitchen

Apartment cooking 101 is a semester-long series where I help you gain practical skills in the kitchen. Hopefully, at the end of the semester, you can go back home and impress your parents with your newfound kitchen skills. My philosophy toward food is that it should be healthy, visually appealing, easy
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Point Reyes: a house trip

My housemates decided to go camping at Point Reyes National Seashore over the summer. It turned out to be the perfect get-away-from-everything trip because the only thing close to civilization was a hole in the ground, aka a “toilet”. Throughout our trip, we marveled at Mother Nature’s beauty, which might be hard
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mom and daughter on computer

Help: My mom did my Tele-BEARS!

The following is the story of a student whose Tele-BEARS was given a makeover — and a maternal one at that. We at the Clog hope you take a life lesson away from this story. Worry not about the classes you have this fall, because at least it wasn’t your mother who picked them! Golly
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