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Free and for sale: A date with me

By Kate Wolffe

I’ve been told it’s commonplace to lie when you’re looking for a date online — it’s almost expected that you stretch the truth in some way: exaggerate your height, downplay your age or affect an affinity for film noir. So when I went to UC Berkeley’s “Free & For Sale”
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Tales of Thanksgivings past

By Elizabeth Kurata

If Tolstoy were American, he might have written instead in “Anna Karenina”: “All happy Thanksgivings are alike. Each unhappy Thanksgiving is unhappy in its own way.” Thanksgiving can be good; it can be a time of love and gratefulness — but Thanksgiving is simultaneously the fodder for too many bad
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Between our waistlines and our bras

By Sarah Adler

At the age of 15, we got into the habit of pulling up our shirts above our bellybuttons but beneath the thin underwire of our bras to analyze the pale lumps of our stomachs in the bathroom mirrors. “You’re so skinny,” my friends would whine; yet our gazes both remained
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