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The Politics of Piracy

By Zach Pine

The walls ooze a sticky white in my freshly painted room. Paired with what little stuff I have, the setting verges on monastic. Tony, Rodrigo, my buddy Nihil and I sit on a muted-green excerpt of carpet, a luxury of color in this space. We’re old friends, but tonight the Read More…

Sarah Dadouch/Senior Staff

This is privilege

By Sarah Dadouch

I stood in the fresh-bread section at Berkeley Bowl, fighting an impending mental breakdown. I stood there for four minutes — maybe less, maybe more, I didn’t count. What I was counting were the types of loaves in front of me: Sweet Batard, Sourdough, French, Italian, olive. I counted 16 Read More…


Weekender Picks

By Weekender Editors

If you’re in need of a confidence boost, there’s no better therapy than Bernie Mac’s Def Jam Comedy set. Coming on after a comedian that literally got booed off stage, Bernie Mac begins his set with my favorite first line, “I ain’t scared of you motherfuckers,” and then proceeds to Read More…

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