The Center of Everywhere: A personal essay

In January 2008 my family moved from Fort Worth, Texas, to Lancaster, California. My dad had gotten a new job, and my little brother and I—at the ripe ages of seven and nine—were in anguish. Our lives were over. We cried a lot, both before and after the move. We
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Pick your eyeball off your shoe: A poem

Once there was a blockade between time and other time/
real time, it seemed did not mean anything at all/
the experience of now was an accumulation of sensory input/
the people on the street as malleable as apparitions
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The process of decision-making

Gene editing in China and Taiwan’s ban on same-sex marriage raise questions about how resolutions are reached

When Sartre spoke about his existentialist philosophy of life, he considered a human being free and therefore responsible for their own actions. We as humans mold ourselves by making decisions at every step.
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‘You don’t love China, you love money’

The role of media in Dolce and Gabbana's Chinese ad controversy

Dolce and Gabbana’s series of Chinese advertisement videos sought to promote its Shanghai runway launch, “The Great Show,” but these ads evoked offense and outrage with its Chinese audience.
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