Long Live the Mascots

I think the thing I struggle with the most is mascot murder. My high school, the Beverly Hills High Normans, had a bitter rival: the Santa Monica High Vikings. I played a zillion sports back then, but I observed most of the proceedings from the bench with mild investment at
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A look into California’s drought

On the third floor of University Hall, there’s a stall in the women’s restroom with a sign on the outside that reads: Low Frequency Flush Stall. Below the text, an image of a giant drop of water juxtaposes against a green recycling sign. The sign gives users the option to
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Redefining Mine

I have been guilted, shamed and accused for my clothes, my behavior and my attitude.  I have been told my shorts are too short, that I act too flirty and even that I “look like (I’m) asking for it.”  But here’s the thing: I’m allowed to do whatever I want
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On a fear of commencing and Bill Maher

It’s hard to make a statement that applies to all of us who are about to graduate. We are a diverse set, varied in tastes and beliefs. There is no typical Berkeley student. But, I think right now all of us are a little scared. Since I was 18, Berkeley
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Tim Cook coming out and paving the way

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook wrote a piece for Businessweek on Oct. 30 Thursday proclaiming, “I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me.” It marks a political shift that one of the most powerful men at one of the most powerful
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The Tweedledee and Tweedledum costumes were manufactured in France in the 1960s and found in New Jersey.

An American Halloween: still scary, after all these years

On Halloween night in 1974, Ronald Clark O’Bryan returned to his friends’ house in Pasadena, Texas, after an evening trick-or-treating with his kids. Wet from the rain, he held five 22-inch Giant Pixy Stix. He cheerfully passed out the candy to a group of children, including his 8-year-old son, Timothy.
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Football Crowd Student Section Irwin

Why do we have to stand in the student section?

I don’t really do football. My only prior knowledge of the sport comes from high school, where all the action was at the snack stand, not on the field. My first college football game last fall was marred by this inexperience. In an innocent yet fatal moment, I decided to
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From the Archives: At Berkeley, a legacy of love

Editor’s Note: We’re republishing this piece as Jim Rainey, one of the subjects of the story, was honored this weekend by the Daily Californian Education Foundation as the 2014 Alumnus of Year.  There’s a yellow card that’s sat on my mom’s dresser for years. It’s a love letter from my dad —
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The years drive by

The fat, gray-blue Honda Odyssey sways down 880 like a drunken metallic bee. I sit in the backseat cross-legged with my eyes closed. On some endless family drive through the southwest desert, Grace once told me that the images of the landscape outside the car fly by and make the
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A tale of two cities

My encounters with Oakland, for the most part, have consisted of fleeting glimpses from inside BART. Up until a month ago, the city appeared to me in a series of disconnected snapshots — small, old houses, a gathering of ships by a port, the giant gray structure of the Oracle Arena. I experienced Oakland half-asleep, lulled by the train’s dull buzz.
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