Kayaking in La Jolla

The Kayak Chronicles

The kayak shop ran like a makeshift haven for surfers, dropouts and convicted felons. Our boss, Jimmy, was of the dropout faction since he left some Arizona college in the ’80s to move back home and marry his high-school sweetheart. Or so it went, according to the girls who worked
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Paris Isn’t Dead

Each time I go, I feel more and more desperately the need to defend Paris. Friends’ fathers unimpressed by the throng of Italian students being let in by the second to Orsay, ticket lines comparable to Disneyland’s at Versailles … “Completely impossible to navigate, let alone breathe, in the hall
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Life appreciated neat or on the rocks

The way I compare alcohol is the same way we compare food and restaurants. We can either go and eat to fill ourselves, or we can sit down and really get into the complexities of a dish and tease out the minute details and ingredients. That’s the difference between Crossroads
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Shakespeare on Sproul

He was a far cry from the London stage where William Shakespeare first staged his plays, but Friday on Sproul, “Space Cadet” Billie was Prince Hamlet. Wearing a black Superman shirt and a trailing blue cape, the amateur dancer and longtime sufferer from schizophrenia attracted a gathering of UC Berkeley
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THIS IS REAL: A photo essay of Hoodslam

More than 1,000 fans crowded around a wrestling ring in the packed Oakland Metro Opera House on March 7. Hoodslam, a monthly night of staged wrestling, is rowdy. It’s rough, sweaty, loud and, at times, unbelievable. But the dedication of the wrestlers, combined with the absolute thrill in the eyes
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An evening at the faculty club

The Faculty Club is an architectural gem nestled between Hertz Hall and Strawberry Creek. The initial building was designed by famed architect Bernard Maybeck in the late 1800s, and since then, it has been added onto and revised into a composite of several buildings that provide a space for conversation
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Scan 9

Entering the World of Warcraft

On Oct. 8 to 9 of 2013, I attended the Blizzcon convention in Anaheim, an event that celebrates the pedigree of loyal gamers worldwide who forgo girlfriends, vitamin-D-rich skin and career advancement to attend to their computer monitors.
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Getting baked in the Bay

Going to the grocery store is a mundane process. I head out to Berkeley Bowl or Trader Joe’s, I wend my way through the aisles and I get the things I usually get. Ho hum.
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