You ask me why I try so hard to seem “badass.”   Do you really want to know?   Do you really want to know that after growing up being treated like a freak, Becoming scared of the very idea of being weak, Of fighting and fighting and finding out
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Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Throughout all these years, staying in touch was almost second nature for us. I never think about having to text them, we’ve naturally and constantly been in touch for the past 10 years.
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Trump’s inaugural fiasco

Even before reports of low attendance at President Donald Trump’s inauguration, his administration encountered an issue that was unprecedented in modern history: no one wanted to perform.
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The failure of Dr. Green Thumb

Two racks, five shelves and a small sea of green. A few LED lights shine down on the plants, reflecting a shade of green. I point my finger at the marijuana clone in the front, tucked behind the rack post. It has three leaves, a small stalk and leans to
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Back and Forth: Annie Goglia, Laughter Yoga

Editor’s Note: This interview has been edited for length and clarity. The central part of Annie Goglia’s everyday experience is laughter. To her, each laugh resembles water, rippling until two strangers are forever intertwined through a mere reverberation of sound waves. To her, each laugh is a story — a
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A grower and a customer hug at one of the most popular flower shops in the Market.

Photo essay: Marin County Farmers’ Market

B iting into a sun-warmed, ripe peach from the Marin County Farmers’ Market at age 6 is one of those memories for me — those visceral, all-consuming recollections — that makes me feel like no time has passed since my mom happily pulled me by the hand through the stalls.
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