Living in a van

It may seem inconceivable to set up shop inside a soccer-mom chariot when you can afford more traditional accommodation. After talking to UC Berkeley seniors Parker Stow and Carter Keeling, a couple of “vanners,” it was soon made clear that their living situation was not a defining part of their
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A look into the senior art projects

Editor’s Note: These interviews have been edited for clarity and length. Theses are usually somber affairs —  a thick stack of papers to show for many hours of intellectual thought. But the senior art thesis presentations take a different form.  Amongst the cubes of cheese and bread nestled comfortably in
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Student band Deluna performs

Deluna performs their song, “Sea Blue.” Their band consists of students Posey Feuer on vocals, Blake Knutson on guitar, Sam Zuckerman on drums, and Nic Eisenhauer on bass. Contact Dapree Doyle at [email protected]

Weekender Ericka

The Berkeley Beyhive: Interpreting Beyonce

According to Beyoncé, I slay. This was a much-needed reminder, courtesy of her performance of “Formation” at Levi’s Stadium in her September Santa Clara stop of “The Formation World Tour.” A tumultuous start to the semester had left me feeling disoriented and a bit reckless. But rocking my metaphorical Givenchy
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Fifty shades of consent: UC Berkeley’s Kink Club

Black leather, bondage, BDSM, Berkeley. What do these four B-words have in common? They’re all a part of the conversation that a group of undergraduate and graduate students endeavour to initiate among the members of UC Berkeley’s Kink Club. We’re all aware of the multitude of student organizations on campus.
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Philip McGough checks a ticket before carrying a deep dish pizza to one of his tables. He has worked at Zachary's Chicago Pizza for ten years.

Pieces of the pie: A look into Zachary’s Chicago Pizza

We live in a time where we can have anything and everything. Our pumpkin-spice-latte- smart-phone-filled desires are at our fingertips. But with consumerism comes consequences; as we make our purchases based on convenience, we turn a blind eye to the the exploitation occurring behind the closed doors of capitalism. Employees
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Live Without Borders stands on the side of Mi Tierra Grocery Store in West Berkeley.

The paradox of murals

Nestled between back entrances of laundromats and donut shops, large-scale murals emerge as an artistic space for cultural expression that lies apart from museums and galleries. While we are actively seeking out art when we go to a museum or gallery, murals exist in the periphery of our awareness. They
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