Coachella Valley

The Coachella Valley

The Coachella Valley is a 45 mile-long and 15 mile-wide depression surrounded by the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Mountains to the west and southwest, respectively, and the San Bernardino Mountains to the north. The foul-smelling Salton Sea, an accidental man-made lake, silently asserts its acrid presence southeast of the valley.
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Amychophilia i

Art: Amychophilia

A lot of my work is based off of obsessions, fetishes, addictions and comedy. This series, Amychophilia, is an extension of other intaglio prints I’m currently working on, all of which are focused around fetishes. To do these monoprints I printed a completely black aquatint and then scratched the surface with my
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fratustration (1)

Behind the Facade

Few moments in recent memory have felt more liberating than the time I did away with my decade-old bowl cut one morning freshman year. Without the mushroom-like mass atop my head, I gained confidence, the same sort that brought me out to fraternity rush that spring. Flash forward a semester
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‘Cause I’m the Problem Too

When I was 17, I was interviewed by my local newspaper about my high school’s graduation. In the last sentence of the article there’s a quote by me: “I am not coming back.” Recently, I’ve thought about that line a lot. For the last semester, I’ve been studying in Nicaragua.
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Paris Isn’t Dead

Each time I go, I feel more and more desperately the need to defend Paris. Friends’ fathers unimpressed by the throng of Italian students being let in by the second to Orsay, ticket lines comparable to Disneyland’s at Versailles … “Completely impossible to navigate, let alone breathe, in the hall
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Interview: Sammy Obeid

After graduating from UC Berkeley with degrees in applied mathematics and business administration, Sammy Obeid turned down a lucrative offer from Google to pursue a career in comedy. Since then, he hasn’t looked back. Obeid has a long list of achievements including performing 1000 nights straight of comedy, being featured on Conan
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Life appreciated neat or on the rocks

The way I compare alcohol is the same way we compare food and restaurants. We can either go and eat to fill ourselves, or we can sit down and really get into the complexities of a dish and tease out the minute details and ingredients. That’s the difference between Crossroads
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Shakespeare on Sproul

He was a far cry from the London stage where William Shakespeare first staged his plays, but Friday on Sproul, “Space Cadet” Billie was Prince Hamlet. Wearing a black Superman shirt and a trailing blue cape, the amateur dancer and longtime sufferer from schizophrenia attracted a gathering of UC Berkeley
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Charlotte Bronte

What we’re reading

If you haven’t been reading The Toast, the website launched last summer by Mallory Ortberg and Nicole Cliffe, then you’re probably a terrible person. Kidding! You’re probably a terrible person for other reasons like the cigarette habit you were supposed to kick, or because you forgot to feed your roommate’s
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Nate Silver

Weekender Picks

1. Nate Silver, “wunderkind” (pronounced: “brand”) and statistics whiz who left the New York Times last year to launch his own site under ESPN, FiveThirtyEight, is speaking at Zellerbach Hall on Sunday, May 4, at 4 p.m. More information about the event (and tickets) are available here. 2. In case
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