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One hundred and forty-three years ago, The Daily Californian was founded. That was a less obvious development than it may seem. In 1871, the New York Times was only 20 years old, Harvard and Yale had yet to establish papers and the Wall Street Journal was nearly two decades from
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Katie Holmes/Staff

Foxes on Bridges

By Josh Escobar

The following is a work of fiction. After walking so many times around the quaint college campus, farms and parks, I feel that Lund is an empty city. Most Friday nights are spent drinking watered-down beer on the balcony during the summer I study in Sweden. My drinking buddy is
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Anya Schultz/Senior Staff
A Facebook recruiter is surrounded by UC Berkeley students eager to join the tech industry primarily clustered around Silicon Valley.

Breeding the tech elite

In a time of growing uneasiness between local residents and tech employees within the Bay Area, UC Berkeley students are increasingly drawn to the riches of Silicon Valley

By Libby Rainey

Earlier this week, I found myself at a Facebook recruitment meeting in Dwinelle Hall, filing into a lecture hall with other undergraduates gathered eagerly at the prospect of working for one of the Silicon Valley’s most lucrative companies. As tech hopefuls lined up, resumes in hand, to talk with recruiters,
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Irene Chen/Staff

Entering the World of Warcraft

By Peter Gunn

On Oct. 8 to 9 of 2013, I attended the Blizzcon convention in Anaheim, an event that celebrates the pedigree of loyal gamers worldwide who forgo girlfriends, vitamin-D-rich skin and career advancement to attend to their computer monitors.
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The Oscar-nominated documentary feature “The Square,” a masterful documentation of the Egyptian revolution following the sit-ins at Tahrir Square in 2011.

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I’ve been thinking about New York Magazine’s recently published profile on Ezra Klein all week. Although the tale is somewhat tired — Klein from Daily Bruin reject to popular blogger to Washington Post superstar — the piece is a nice reminder about the robustness of modern journalism. “The column inches devoted
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Skrillex has been either blasting eardrums and causing earthquake panics or eliciting eargasms to screaming/sweaty/smiling fans this past week during his six shows in the Bay Area. The streak culminates Saturday night as Skrillex and A$AP Rocky get “wild for the night” at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

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1. Sochi, Russia, is hilariously ill-equipped to host a massive international congregation. Read Drew Magary’s primer on how to properly hate on the crazy-pants Russian infrastructure and the TV event that will shortly take over your life. 2. Be the most cultured person at your Oscar party! Impress your friends
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