Cal alumna and former Raiders CEO speaks on career

An interview with the former CEO of the Oakland Raiders

By Anya Schultz

Amy Trask graduated UC Berkeley in 1982 and went on to become the CEO of the Oakland Raiders in 1979. At the time, Trask was considered one of the most powerful women in sports. She stepped down in 2011 and spent this past season as a CBS Sports Analyst.
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Carli Baker/Senior Staff

Campus time machine

By Carli Baker

The Berkeley campus is always changing. Since Fall 2010, my first semester, I’ve seen the demolition of Campbell and Eshleman Hall, the construction of Li Ka Shing Hall and the retrofitting of Memorial Stadium. I’ve heard about countless other plans for our campus in the coming years, reminding that althought
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Kai Ridenoure/Staff

Alcoholic Escapades

By Meg Elison

He’s blind drunk before last call. They cut him off, and he knows it’s best to leave at this point. It’s too late to catch BART. Home is on the other side of the black water. Lights of Oakland visible through the fog. Tries to light a cigarette and misses
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Yi Zhong/Staff

Too Late

By Michael Rosen

Jeff Wolff’s eyes glazed over and melted into the uniform whiteness of the waiting room ceiling. The old analog clock tick-tick-ticked on the blank beige walls. That doctor is as good as dead, he thought.
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Maurizio Cattelan's sculpture of a man in a manhole

What we’re reading

A weekly selection for Feb. 22-24

By Weekender Editors

Just as A$AP Rocky successfully embeds fashion in his art, Maurizio Cattelan, an Italian artist and sculptor, and Pierpaolo Ferrari, a fashion photographer, were commissioned by New York Magazine to photograph pieces from this fashion season. TIME’s director of photography interviewed New York Magazine’s director of photography about the shoot. The photographs are both
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Weekender Picks

A selection for the week ahead from the Feb. 21-23 weekend.

By Weekender Editors

SUPERB presents a screening of “Bad Words” at Shattuck Cinemas, followed by a Q&A with star and director Jason Bateman. RSVP here for the showing Monday evening. Rap artist Schoolboy Q is performing and signing autographs at Rasputin Records on Telegraph Avenue. If you purchase his new album, Oxymoron, you
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