Love that lasts: Berkeley’s four-year couples

On their first date as freshmen, they saw “Drive.” “Which I didn’t know was a date,” said Sarah. “It was pretty clear that this was a date,” replied Nick. “I’m not going to go see a date movie because we’re going on a date. I’m going to go see a
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Finding power in poetry: The many voices of Aya de Leon

It’s 2005, and spoken word artist Aya de Leon is testing the waters of a new medium through which to broadcast her work: television. Hands on her hips and decked head-to-toe in a black sweatsuit, she makes her entrance. The topic for this evening? Cellulite. This isn’t the first time
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dream illustration

Deviant Dream

Deviant Dream: intellegencia queen Light, she is prone of it, she is immune to it. It drowns upon the faces of everyone else but she- But she — a deviant being, a socially deviant being. She done learnt to survive — cockroach ass human being! The light reject her because
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On a fear of commencing and Bill Maher

It’s hard to make a statement that applies to all of us who are about to graduate. We are a diverse set, varied in tastes and beliefs. There is no typical Berkeley student. But, I think right now all of us are a little scared. Since I was 18, Berkeley
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Tim Cook coming out and paving the way

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook wrote a piece for Businessweek on Oct. 30 Thursday proclaiming, “I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me.” It marks a political shift that one of the most powerful men at one of the most powerful
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Weekender Picks

I suggest reading The Fader’s cover story on Migos, a rap trio from Atlanta. — Anya Schultz Zellerbach Hall is hosting Théâtre de la Ville this weekend, a Paris company who will be performing Six Characters in Search of an Author. It’s supposed to be phenomenal. Student tickets are $21.
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