Keepin’ it real ’93 ’til

The unexpected combination of hip-hop, dark humor and kung-fu made Wu-Tang Clan unlike any group before it. Their breakout album, Enter the Wu Tang (36 Chambers), turned 21 this past Sunday. The day before the group’s 1993 hits were celebrated along those of A Tribe Called Quest, Pharcyde, Tupac, Dr.
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Two Anniversaries

Last year, my grandfather passed away. My dad, his son, texted me the news the morning of his death. When he later called, our conversation was abrupt. It was the first and only time I’ve heard my father cry. This past Tuesday, my sister reminded me that it had been a
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Three Poems

He speaks of poetry and the words slip from his mouth like wisps of smoke curling in the still air, nothing breaking the purity of the breaths released when his lips form vowels singing azaleas, hollyhock, and primrose. The lips lightly press together to form those brief interruptions in speech,
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A look into California’s drought

On the third floor of University Hall, there’s a stall in the women’s restroom with a sign on the outside that reads: Low Frequency Flush Stall. Below the text, an image of a giant drop of water juxtaposes against a green recycling sign. The sign gives users the option to
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Redefining Mine

I have been guilted, shamed and accused for my clothes, my behavior and my attitude.  I have been told my shorts are too short, that I act too flirty and even that I “look like (I’m) asking for it.”  But here’s the thing: I’m allowed to do whatever I want
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Notes from my journal: lists and things

Sept. 3, 2013 classy girls, the lumineers up up up, givers naked kids, grouplove long weekend Nov. 11th September 4, 2013 interrupted once again and thrown into a disorientation this time not of my own making. struggles to stay independent but it can’t be done alone. that support, luckily is
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Weekender Picks

Joan Didion rejected The Weekender’s request to interview her earlier this week. Her publicist did, anyway. So it looks like the rumor I once heard that Didion lived at Tri-Delt as a Berkeley undergrad will remain hearsay. To understand what a bummer this is, read one of my favorite pieces
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