Inside Berkeley’s not so secret society

By Sohini Desai

Every other Tuesday, campus administrators, ASUC officials, Daily Cal editors, student athletes and other campus leaders gather in a secret room at Senior Hall, a wooden building nestled behind the faculty club. They file in and take a seat. The Order of the Golden Bear is convening. Inherent in the
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Kai Ridenoure/Senior Staff

Signs of Growth

Berkeley's Student Organic Garden Association gains popularity

By Alex Berryhill

There’s a fence on Walnut Street laced with morning glories. It extends for a city block, enclosing a quarter acre of potted baby greens, lettuce heads sitting pleasantly beside other vibrant greenery and a number of peaceful volunteers. A handmade sign on the flower-ridden fence reads: UC Berkeley Student Organic
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Anya Schultz/Senior Staff

Berkeley’s Blueprint

A look at the changing campus architecture

By Zackary Kiebach

UC Berkeley is in dialogue. Not just the students, but the buildings themselves, marking the campus’s progression and growth with their varied styles and aesthetics. The first impression of UC Berkeley’s campus is not a cohesive one. Wheeler Hall stands near the center of campus, an old stately building appreciated
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Video: Ehren Tool, ceramic artist

By Mira Nguyen

The Weekender spoke to local artist and veteran Ehren Tool about the story behind his war-inspired ceramic cups. Throughout the month of October, Ehren has participated in a series of live clay throwing events at his exhibition One Death Is A Tragedy in Pro Arts Gallery to engage with community members
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Charlotte Passot/Staff

Godly Positioning System

By Zoe Kleinfeld

A man is driving to a dinner party and he gets to an intersection and he doesn’t know which path to take, so he looks down at his navigation device. Except the device recently discovered religion and has since been kind of preachy. “Recalculate route,” says the driver. “Don’t follow
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Gage Skidmore/Creative Commons

Weekender Picks

By Weekender Editors

Ben Bradlee, the Washington Post newspaperman who orchestrated the paper’s Watergate coverage and was always on the hunt for the next great story, died this week. Read a riveting tribute to the bombastic, larger-than-life man by Time’s David von Drehle here. He writes, “Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee was gliding through the
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