Summer Stories

Summer takes UC Berkeley students near and far. Some go home, some stay in town, and some explore new territory. But all return with tales of memorable exploits, ranging from the hysterical to the profound. Below are six of these stories, as told by the students themselves to The Weekender.
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Coffee seedlings

What happens when you flush

Plants need healthy, nutrient-rich soil to grow. In the short term, the application of synthetic fertilizers supplies plants with the necessary nutrients. But these added synthetic nutrients can end up posing a toxic threat to aquatic or groundwater ecosystems.
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Adam Rice

Remembering Adam Rice

UC Berkeley student Adam Rice died in July while studying abroad at the University of Sussex. He was 21. Senior Geoff Kaufman remembers his friend and colleague.
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Kayaking in La Jolla

The Kayak Chronicles

The kayak shop ran like a makeshift haven for surfers, dropouts and convicted felons. Our boss, Jimmy, was of the dropout faction since he left some Arizona college in the ’80s to move back home and marry his high-school sweetheart. Or so it went, according to the girls who worked
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