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Find me at the Rose Garden

By Rachael Garner

Most of the freshmen I’ve met in my first three weeks have agreed that Berkeley is a big place. I myself moved from a small suburb of Los Angeles with some 25,000 people to a school with just about the same number of students enrolled. In an effort to explore
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Gabriela Mendoza/Staff

Stiff Swimming in the Womb

By Gabriela Mendoza

You are my genesis, my perfection A hose skeeting benevolence over the sheets of my mind We kick life hard against the womb of the love we built Heightening heights of high hell would never make me flee You’ve got me deeply rooted in your infectious spell Wrapped around, surrounded
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Rick Audet/Creative Commons

How to leave your mark

By Erica Hendry

We are standing at the edge of an abyss. The abyss is graduation. The abyss is the postgraduation job search. The abyss is phone calls and emails and job fairs and LinkedIn. But most of all, the abyss is a simple question: Can I do it? Last fall, I decided
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Catherine Berner/Courtesy

Escape from Alcatraz

By Catherine Berner

The hardened and grizzled old men around me stared calmly out of the ferry window as I anxiously adjusted my goggles for what felt like the 100th time. The man over the intercom announced that the swim would begin in 90 seconds and reiterated the importance of the “jump and
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Kai Ridenoure/Senior Staff


By Kai Ridenoure

I let the steam escape from my coffee cup, absentmindedly watching it rise as I drum my fingers over my keyboard and contemplate my next sentence. I pause and glance at the man distractedly scrolling through his email as his fork scrapes up the last crumbs of a scone. He’s
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A still from Stanley Kubrick's Lolita

Weekender Picks

By Weekender Editors

The Berkeley World Music Festival is this weekend. On Saturday stop by cafe venues along Telegraph Avenue and hear music in People’s Park. On Sunday Telegraph Avenue between Dwight Way and Durant Avenue will turn into a street festival and beer garden. Both days are free! —Anya Schultz   Stanley
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