Jennie Yoon/Staff
Janaki Bakhle poses on campus with her husband, UC Berkeley Chancellor Dirks

Janaki Bakhle, UC Berkeley’s New First Lady

By Jennie Yoon

Every morning around 8, Janaki Bakhle takes her two labrador retrievers out for their daily walk through the UC Berkeley campus. She leaves her perch at University House, nestled between academic buildings on the north side of campus, guiding Boo Bear and Kulfi — which means ice cream in Hindi
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Michael Drummond/Senior Staff

Interview: Head brewer of Triple Rock, Jeff Kimpe

By Sam Strimling

Jeff Kimpe is the head brewer at Triple Rock, a popular local brewery known for its delicious homemade brews and for serving liter bottles of 8 percent “Monkey Head” on Thursday nights. The Weekender sat down with Jeff to discuss how he got into the craft, what he likes about working at a small, family-owned brewery and the backstory behind Monkey Head night. 
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Stacey Nguyen/Staff

A tale of two cities

By Stacey Nguyen

My encounters with Oakland, for the most part, have consisted of fleeting glimpses from inside BART. Up until a month ago, the city appeared to me in a series of disconnected snapshots — small, old houses, a gathering of ships by a port, the giant gray structure of the Oracle Arena. I experienced Oakland half-asleep, lulled by the train’s dull buzz.
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Love Don’t Cost a Thing

By Libby Rainey

They met on a sticky September day in Wheeler Hall. He was streaming House of Cards on his computer. She was adding a selfie to her Snapchat story. Heat emanated as the air of an unfinished question lingered between them. The question was, “Is Air Bears down?” The answer was yes.
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Anya Schultz/Senior Staff

The mystery of the man bun

By Anya Schultz and Libby Rainey

They come in all varieties: curly, straight, half-up, half-down. They’re at the gym, outside Dwinelle, in cafes on Northside. The concept is simple: a hair tie, a steady grasp and a simple flourish of the hand. But the result is so much more. The man bun — i.e. bun worn by a man — has arrived at UC Berkeley.
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Elizabeth Kurata/Staff

Rooms of Berkeley

By Elizabeth Kurata

Throughout our time in Berkeley, we will more than likely inhabit three different rooms. The transient space is ours and for just a short time, however, becomes our home. The old homecoming photos and posters can serve as the only place of consistency and familiarity in the whirl of new faces and experiences.
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Weekender Picks

By Weekender Editors

I personally can’t remember life before Radiolab, an inspiring podcast that poses questions, answers questions and makes life a little more curious and a lot more interesting. Listen to the most recent episode, Juicervose, or my personal favorite, Poop Train. And while you gaze off with a new view on
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