The Substantive Impact of Universal Design

If you stare at the periodic table long enough, you find your element — a scientifically natural state of comfort, ease and exemplarity. Your math lecture, her running track, his art studio, the blue denim chair in which I sit as I write — all elements of a periodic peoplehood,
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Photo Essay: Berkeley in three dimensions

Stereoscopic images, also known as Wigglegrams, are moving images that create a 3-D effect. Each of the following images were shot with two cameras placed side by side, triggered simultaneously to capture the left and right side of each scene. With multiple vantage points played on a loop, the images
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Fragmented nostalgia

My first love was a Midwestern sky on a Friday afternoon — the way it seemed to kiss everything, even the disjointed pieces of life, with a tinge of yellow breath. My second love was the way wet grass touches bare feet, needy yet gentle. I find myself thinking on
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Scan 40

Poem: Afternoon in the Jurupa Hills

The wind is a blanket. The sun shines on the houses in the valley as if they were a floor of TVs. When it rains, trails turn into streams, and water trickles off ledges. A hawk spreads its yellow feathers. Clutching the straps to his backpack, He continues to the
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Picks of the Week

Couldn’t afford Coachella tickets? Go celebrate the blossoming of cherries instead! The 48th annual Cherry Blossom Festival will occur over the next two weekends in San Francisco’s Japantown. Check out all the performances and exhibits that make this festival so well known — the best part is that most events
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