Lauren Glasby/Staff

Fiction: Comfort Food

By Veronica Ramirez

Flora sat at a window booth in a 24-hour diner and sipped her coffee, inhaling the rich aroma and trying not to let the liquid burn her tongue. She perused the menu in front of her. It made a lot of promises. Hashbrowns, best in town. Belgian waffles, big as
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Sahil Chinoy/File

Snapshots After Dark

By Sahil Chinoy

After Dark at the Exploratorium — where twee San Franciscans meet yuppie San Franciscans meet techie San Franciscans in one magnetic potpourri of Bay Area whippersnappers. Self-described as “not a theater, cabaret, or gallery,” the event is troubling for the simple reason that science, generally, is not cool. So why do
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