The Secret Life of Hickeys

The hickey exposed: a smear of magenta. The love bite interpreted: force upon flesh. We have left behind sleeves to wear hearts on our necks. Coined in the early years of the 20th century, “hickey” is an Americanism of obscure origin that, unromantically phrased by science, is nothing more than
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Video: Blind Dates

For Valentine’s Day, The Weekender randomly set up couples on blind dates over drinks last week. After introductions were made, everything about the date ranging from how to long to what to talk about was left to them. We then interviewed the participants to see how things went. Allie Campbell is a contributor to
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Poem: Love along the Way

This would be easier if I shed data, sought torture or was looking for love along the way. Doing the 9-5, the rattlesnake on the sandstone gets nicked by everything churning in the wind. The July sun tunnels overhead. My van rusts where the paint’s chipped. Steel, the desert must
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Professors on Love

My senior year of high school, I stumbled upon edge.org, a comment thread that poses questions to the world’s greatest minds. The website annually posts a broad question –– such as “What should we be worried about?” and “What will change everything?” and “What do you believe is true even
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The 21-year-old Valentine Virgin

At age 18, in Long Beach, California, I made some goals for me — most prominent being to turn 20 in Berkeley. Truthfully, I was very unsure what my next goal would be, but with Berkeley being Berkeley, finding goals to set for oneself is never too much of something
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Picks of the Week

The brief online description declares: Feathers will fly! It’s still unclear who, exactly, has the means to destroy a real down-filled pillow. But why not find out? San Francisco’s recurring Valentine’s Day pillow fight is scheduled for Saturday at the Justin Herman Plaza around dusk. No charge — just bring
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