What’s porn, anyways?

As the first ever NYC Pornographic Film Festival is set to begin Feb. 27, erotic creative artists from every corner of the industry are gearing up to show their work. Yet the unusual mix of artists has already raised questions about what actually constitutes porn. With submissions ranging from standard
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Notes from my journal: A Frat Party

Saturday, February 14, 2015 There’s something so grossly sophisticated about drinking $12 red wine straight from the bottle. Cath and Lauren took theirs in dorm room Tupperware, but me, I took the kiss straight from the bottleneck lips. Tastes like Saturdays. At least Saturday nights. Saturday mornings taste more like
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Making Rome My Home

After settling into my new apartment in Rome, my housemates and I decided to hit the town. One of my roommates met a couple of girls at the grocery store down the street from our place, so we invited them over before going out. They showed up at the lobby
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Fiction: Nero

I shouldn’t have picked up when he called. I know that. He just wanted to know how the dog was doing, anyway. I look down at Nero, who is trotting along in pace with me. He snorts and pants as he moves his sturdy little bulldog legs. He resembles a
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Fiction: Semantics

I guess when I look back, it was all a question of semantics. Words were vital to me, a  part of my essence — but not a part of yours. When I was younger, I would sit in my room for hours devouring my favorite poems by Dickinson and Poe,
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Weekender Picks

The great Eddie Murphy returned to “Saturday Night Live” for the first time in 30 years last week, albeit with an underwhelming performance. After an extraordinarily laudatory introduction from Chris Rock, Murphy walked onstage and simply thanked the audience for their appreciation — no jokes, no impressions. For those expecting more,
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