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The Invisible Audience

A writer explores the journal of a 19th century UC Berkeley student

By Chandler Nolan

I read somewhere that spirits who don’t leave our world are in a state of distress. They are usually dissatisfied with something or feel that they have an unfinished task they are responsible for — and therefore cannot leave until it is complete. So I cannot help but wonder what
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Nicole White/Staff

Berkeley in Moving Pictures

By Nicole White

Take a look at Berkeley in a way you have never seen it before! Cinemagraphs are by no means anything new, but nonetheless, they will never quite lose the touch of magic that is embedded into their creation. Although these works of art are in a GIF format, there is
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Read Aloud: Dirty Limericks

By Weekender Editors

A bit less than 200 years ago, Edward Lear sat down somewhere in England and wrote a particular series of poems in a particular style that eventually was dubbed “limerick style.” As an isolated event, this was not particularly revolutionary. But the effect was big! After Lear published his compilation
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Joy Lin/Staff

A Superstitious Father

By Alejandra Vasquez

My dad wouldn’t take “no” for an answer when the car rental clerk told him, “I’m sorry, sir, this is the only car we have available right now.” Even though I was 10, I could feel the tension between the two. He glared at the clerk and said he would
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William Pan/Staff

Spread the word to end the word

By Karim Doumar

“Honey, please don’t say that word ever, ever again.” Samantha said these words with more clarity than anything I had yet to hear her say, and I, realizing the nature of my mistake, stood dumbfounded. During the coaches’ training day, we volunteers had been told that the most important rule
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brewbooks/Creative Commons

Taking Comic Books Seriously

By Ada Goknur

When the average person hears “comic book,” he or she likely does not associate it with scholarly thought. An escapist platform for the everyday, comics traditionally afforded children a glimpse into the life of heroes and transformed the mundane into the super. But after Art Spiegelman published his pictorial historical
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Picks of the Week

By Weekender Editors

Four years after their first full-length album release, Awolnation will release their second album, Run, this Tuesday, March 17, through Red Bull Records. Three singles from the album have already dropped causing high anticipation for the remaining 11 tracks. The band can only hope that this album will be as
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