Jessie Lau/Staff

The Murky Side of Volunteering Abroad

By Jessie Lau

Children clambered in all directions across the cobblestoned playground, tackling one another to the floor in scenes of chaos. A cacophony of shouts and giggles punctuated the summer air, which smelled faintly of spice and smoke. Corrugated iron roofs rested crookedly on small shacks that served as classrooms, with walls
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Time Without a Home

By David Anthony

I was homeless in San Francisco. In 1998, I dropped out of graduate school, cleaned out my savings account and bought a Greyhound ticket heading west. After nearly three days of traveling, I arrived in the city. I stayed for a few nights in a downtown youth hostel before moving
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Nicole White/Staff

Back and Forth: Supersonic Coffee

By Zackary Kiebach

Supersonic Coffee is an up-and-coming Berkeley roastery focusing on “awesome coffee that breaks barriers,” taking roast quality to new levels with cutting-edge technology and a penchant for precision. While Supersonic has not yet instituted its own flagship café, its roasts can be found all across the Bay Area in higher-end
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Irene Chen/Staff

Fiction: El Perro Bravo

By Sarah Locke-Henderson

His was a small house, haphazardly constructed out of scrap metal and worm-eaten wood. It stood dilapidated on the Ecuadorean hillside, a patchwork of tin roofs and rows of maíz whose amber stalks sprouted bravely from the hardened earth and reached upward as if to grab hold of the clouds.
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Picks of the Week

By Weekender Editors

In philosophy news, Immanuel Kant’s home was marked with graffiti that reads: “Kanit is a moron.” Jokes abound, news reports stated, “With Arthur Schopenhauer dead for 155 years, however, authorities start off with few strong leads.” Read more here. –Curan Mehra Matter Mag published this haunting account of individual realities
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