Addy Bhasin/Senior Staff

Mac and me: On fandom

By Clarise Compton

I’m proud to point out that I’m not a One Directioner. Nor have I been a Swiftie nor a Belieber nor an Adele-ee. Stereotypical fanatics are presented as the hysteric masses of young girls screaming at the sight of a boy band or as the overweight, antisocial comic book store
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Michael Drummond/Senior Staff

The fragility of masculinity

By Tony Choi

On September 23, the hashtag #MasculinitySoFragile trended on Twitter, a small movement underscoring the insecurity of masculinity in modern society. Tweets touched on the often confining expectations placed on men, such as suppressing their emotions and avoiding to appear “feminine” in any way. Although the hashtag caused a large controversy
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Sasha Zamani/Staff

7 years, a poem

By Eda Yu

french class. first day of high school, clumsily, still learning the language of love, I asked what you were listening to. “the smiths” ear bud hanging, smile cracking, young and shy. “just friends,” I reassured everyone who asks. four years passed. we unraveled each other like spools of yarn. you
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