No work all play? A look at Berkeley’s DeCals

The monotony of waking up and going to our registered classes — a routine that students have long been accustomed to. Classes are met with rolled eyes or the slap of a snooze button rather than excitement, as well as dread of and reluctance to attend classes that simply don’t
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On family and unconventionality

Move-in day: Carts rattling over uneven sidewalks, the arrangement of twin XL bedding and the proud mother and father sending off their beloved child. College climactically marks the beginning of independence, but the presence of family is ironically visible in the experience from the beginning. Just on move-in day, family
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Interview: The founders of campus movement Redefine Mine

With the ongoing fight against sexual assault occurring on college campuses across the nation, including  right here at UC Berkeley, three UC Berkeley women have established the movement Redefine Mine in an effort to challenge the dominant notions of gender identity that perpetuate rape culture, as well as Eurocentric stereotypes
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Sketchbook: Representations of rappers

For your viewing pleasure, Jacky Lu’s sketches of a few prominent rappers. From left to right: Childish Gambino, Pusha T, MC Daveed Diggs, and the Notorious B.I.G.