Michael Drummond /Senior Staff
Text from an art installation by Lark Buckingham in the window of Berkeley Center for New Media Commons at 340 Moffitt Hall.

Sexual assault miseducation: The daunting path to changing campus culture

By Chandler Nolan

“If some guy is on top of you, jackhammering you, you can say no,” a UC Berkeley LEAD Center staff member announced into the microphone. These words hung stagnant in the air as hundreds of young women sat in the seats of a mandatory sexual assault education presentation hosted by
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Elizabeth Kurata/Staff

Keep Colorado Springs lame

By Elizabeth Kurata

When I tell people I’m from Colorado they normally say, “Oh like Boulder?”, plumes of legal recreational smoke and images of snowy mountains run through their head. I laugh and say, “Oh not quite, yes there are mountains, but we outlawed the sale of weed. I’m from almost the antithesis
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Jessica Gleason/Staff

Photo Essay: Studies of permanence

By Jessica Gleason

A series of choices brought each student to UC Berkeley. We each made the conscious decision to apply to this school, to move away from home to live here, and to select a major (or two) to dictate our future career opportunities. These are choices that we were forced to
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