Keep Colorado Springs lame

When I tell people I’m from Colorado they normally say, “Oh like Boulder?”, plumes of legal recreational smoke and images of snowy mountains run through their head. I laugh and say, “Oh not quite, yes there are mountains, but we outlawed the sale of weed. I’m from almost the antithesis
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Tattoo_2main_Jessica Gleason

Photo Essay: Studies of permanence

A series of choices brought each student to UC Berkeley. We each made the conscious decision to apply to this school, to move away from home to live here, and to select a major (or two) to dictate our future career opportunities. These are choices that we were forced to
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Interview: Tales of a nude model

When I saw Chris stroll up to the entrance of Caffe Strada, I felt, in a way, as though I already knew him. I had already seen his slight — but well-built — naked figure, courtesy of my friend’s sketches of him for her figure drawing class. Chris, who prefers
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In Oakland, a community center fights gentrification

  As commercial bulldozers and bougie coffee shops invade West Oakland, on the corner of San Pablo and West Grand avenues, there remains a plot of land embodying the fight against gentrification: Qilombo. A radical community social center that offers a space for meetings, gatherings, educational workshops and classes, and
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Interview: Aaron Gregory, guitarist and vocalist for Giant Squid

Bay Area based experimental rock band Giant Squid had been crafting riffy, fusion songs about marine biology for over a decade before it announced its dissolution in early October. Intensely original in its approach, the band seamlessly fused heavy punk, mediterranean grooves, delicate brass instruments and a distinctly melodic cello
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