The skulls and spectacles of Berkeley’s Bone Room

In a small shop in the Solano shopping district of North Berkeley, Abigail Guerdat is showing me a cabinet of human bones. Clavicles and skulls of all sizes are displayed on the shelves surrounding us, but my attention is ultimately drawn toward the large creature — or at least part
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To win the argument, lose the debate

On a recent Tuesday, nine UC Berkeley undergraduates and I gathered in a lecture room at the Goldman School of Public Policy to debate the subject of jus soli birthright citizenship — a principle enshrined in the 14th Amendment, which grants legal status to all persons born in sovereign U.S.
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This is a beautiful party, I would like it to last forever

“I told her she was beautiful all her life. ‘Since birth — you’ve been beautiful since birth,’ I told her. ‘Your husband has such piercing blue eyes.’ ‘I know,’ she said. ‘That’s the reason I married him.’ ” My cousin sent my dad this text, and he, in turn, forwarded
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Michael Drummond/Staff

Life to a golden perfection

In this age full of distractions, it is easy to feel an absence of being. While the sun sets with a pink hue outside the window, an entire day has gone by staring at a computer screen. Tomorrow seems the same as yesterday, and life’s progress appears stagnant. I have
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