Say ‘know’ to drugs

Drugs are dangerous. They corrode the mind, corrupt the soul and weaken your resolve — at least, so I’ve been told. From my first D.A.R.E. presentation in elementary school to my collegiate education, I have heard again and again that drugs fry your brain like an egg. But no one
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A tale of two Berkeleys

The friction between science and the humanities traces back to the inception of Western academia. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics is often discussed with awe, while jokes are told sardonically in bars and student lounges about the flimsy humanities degree. People engage in friendly and not-so-friendly debates over notions of
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Life or death: An important moment for the assisted suicide movement

Soft light flows gently onto the stage, illuminating a sparsely but thoughtfully curated courtroom. A jury bench, a witness stand, two opposing tables and an elevated judge’s podium frame the space where discussion begins. The jury enters, the defense followed by the prosecution and finally the presiding judge of the
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“Morro Bay” and other poems

Selected poems from students of English 143B, an application-based poetry-writing workshop. “Morro Bay” Hogan Fulton “this and this and that” of 10 million pint baskets out of Oxnard—crossing Greyhound, Union Pacific and one truck: lima beans, sugar beats, stock (and always cabbage), from Super Thrift hands saw Mugu inside the
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A colonial sexuality

Have you ever watched porn after masturbating? Have you ever, while your discretion isn’t clouded by raging hormones, taken a clear and analytical look at what’s on display? The first time I really noticed what I was watching — the first time a hilariously terrible script and blatant racism shocked
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Notes from my journal, spring reflections

March 4, 2015 A jarring thought today: I used to have different routines. Routines I would carry out every day for years. And now they’ve been totally replaced by new ones. March 17, 2015 Sometimes I think I hate writing, because writing is so neat. I have always written what
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